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Gold IRA More popular than ever for diversifying in precious metals

While history has shown that investing in gold or silver can act as a protection against economic volatility and inflation, there are many people who desire physical precious metals and do not have sufficient discretionary capital. See how to transfer IRA to gold and silver in this sites.

You have two options: a 401k rollover, or a transfer to a self-directed Gold IRA. Your current 401K won’t permit physical precious metals in its holdings, which is why you need and desire to make the 401K rollingover. You can get physical precious metals by setting up a Gold IRA.

While many investors know the intrinsic value of silver and gold they still invest in them via Exchange Traded Funds. ETFs, which are supported by precious metals, are an alternative investment option. ETF share value is a derivative paper asset that takes into account the market prices for the precious metals. However, they don’t grant true ownership of gold or silver. You can have tangible assets today that are of intrinsic value and long-lasting value if you purchase silver coins and bars.

Imagine if, in 1970 you were able to roll over your 401K funds into a Gold IRA. In that same year, you rolled over $10,000 into an IRA Gold investment. Today, the value of your Gold IRA is $530,000. This includes all the terrorist attacks, economic shocks, currency devaluation, financial upheavals, and political upheavals that could negatively affect your finances.

While the US Government continues to reduce the value of the US Dollar, as well as the demand from emerging nations for precious metals such as gold and silver to support infrastructure and central banking diversification, we should expect that the price of gold will rise in the long-term. As an investment, buying gold is smart. Silver investing is just as wise. However, it is even more crucial to hold precious metals or Gold401K in your hand. These are not shares in funds that invest only in silver bullion and gold. For your financial future, and that of your loved ones, consider transferring your 401K to a Gold IRA.