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The Rise of Executive Condominiums After A Long Time

Singapore’s executive condominiums were a growing trend by the end of 20th Century. In the early 20th century, the Singapore government first implemented these structures to reduce the increasing demand for housing amongst the residents of the city. The executive condominiums or ECs were a low-cost alternative to private houses, which most people occupied back in the day. ECs were developed by the local government development board to provide homes for a wide range of residents in the city. This helped reduce the housing demand. You can get the best guide on Grand Dunman floor plan in this site.

Housing and Development Board of Singapore (HDB) shifted their focus from these types of homes to flats and apartment styled houses. HDB have recently announced a few projects that will feature the ECs. They will develop these projects in a variety of locations all around Singapore. The city’s residents will therefore be able, at the beginning of the new decade, to affordably buy houses for their family. ECs here are very popular due to a few reasons.

Many executive condos like the Signature Grand Dunman are priced much less than other private condominiums. The HDB of Singapore offers flats, apartments and other residential properties at a lower price.

The amenities and facilities offered by the ECs of Singapore are similar to many other private condominiums located in Singapore. The amenities offered by the ECs in Singapore are very similar to those of private condominiums. The many ECs currently being constructed here have common features.

Because the properties are not for sale to foreign nationals, there is a very little competition. Citizens don’t have to work hard to buy or rent a unit in the numerous executive condominium complexes. The low prices for executive condominiums like Signature at Grand Dunman can be attributed to this.

There are regulations for occupants in these ECs. Not every city resident is therefore eligible to purchase these properties. Few people can afford to purchase these properties. The low prices of executive condominiums are also a result.