Saving Money On Your Electricity And Gas Bills

If you find worked up about your current energy bills, then it is probably time you started listening to the right energy savings expert who can help you save money. The energy bills are quite expensive, nevertheless, with the right knowledge, we can keep the costs as low as possible.

For instance, sometimes simply changing your energy supplier can save you a lot of money. Whether you reside in an apartment or the home is under your ownership, you have every right to change your provider if you please. Direct debit payment is a cheaper alternative where people won’t have to worry about missed payments. Spending less money is another option that is sure to lower your power bill. With the right tips and tricks, this is not difficult. When making your home more eco-friendly, use the renewable energy such as solar power.

How to save money on electricity and gas

Switch electricity and gas suppliers

fdgdfgdgdfgdfgddsfsdfsdfsdffgdfgfdgOnce you start this process, it should not go on for more than three weeks. The only difference will be new suppliers sending new bills and lower charges. Before you begin, you need to have a copy of a recent bill or energy statement. This document will contain details of your most recent energy bill, and you can use this to contact your current suppliers. You will also need bank details if you are planning on making a switch.

Pick a suitable comparison site

Websites that carry out price comparisons assist the users in comparing the energy levels available. These websites work with different suppliers so go through several to ensure you strike the best deal available. Pick a random sample of several price comparison websites, then compare and contrast. Fill in your details, check through the results emitted and go for the plan that best suits your needs. Your new suppliers will organize for the switch and request for your meter readings.
Your old supplier will then send you your last bill. The entire process hardly exceeds 17 days, and you are good to go.

Use prepayment meters


These meters work on a tariff based system where you pay for electricity or gas in advance. This form of prepayment can be done online, directly through your meter, using electric or gas tokens, etc. Pre-payment meters ensure that you do not exceed your budget. However, they are an expensive form of purchasing energy.

You can switch energy companies once you already have a prepayment meter. Most suppliers have prepayment tariffs that allow you to compare and pick the cheapest. Price comparison sites do not show the same suppliers so it’s best if you use several to arrive at a decision. You then get a list of electricity and prepay gas deals to switch to.

Switch to the standard meter

Prepayment meters are an expensive way to get electricity so it would be prudent to ask your suppliers if you can switch to the regular standard meters. There are situations where the meter provider asks you to pay for the replacement or commit to certain conditions such as advance payments.