Main Clutch Problems

There are many problems which affect engine parts and the different mechanisms in a vehicle. Clutch is one of the components of the vehicle’s transmission system. Most drivers and car owners are aware of the braking issues but they are not conversant with the issues affecting the clutch. Described below are the major problems which affect the clutch

Noisy clutch

Many factors cause this problem, and it can potentially damage your parts of the car if it is not rectified. Drivers are always discouraged from riding the clutch. Riding will occur when the clutch pedal is constantly pushed in. This can lead to a severe pilot bearing which must be replaced immediately. This problem is identified when the clutch produces a high pitched noise or sound.

Slipping clutch

This is tested by releasing the clutch slowly when the vehicle is in gear. Your car is supposed to stall if the clutch is in good condition. If this does not happen then your clutch needs to be checked. This problem mainly occurs when the clutch plate soaks the engine oil.


Dragging clutch

The clutch pedal will release when this problem occurs. This problem is mainly caused by different issues such as the presence of air, oil, and other fluids in the system.

Short lasting clutch

The clutch pedal should last for a long period even if it is used more often as compared to the other parts or components of the vehicle. Wearing out of the clutch is mainly caused by the driver’s had driving habits. For instance, the life of your clutch can be shortened by too much riding. Any worn out pedal should be replaced immediately.


Easy and quick tests

These are the simple tests conducted on the clutch to determine if it in good working condition. Experienced car owners and drivers can easily detect when there is a clutch problem. This is checked by switching on the car and then listening carefully to the sound coming from the engine. Pressure should be applied to the clutch if your engine does not produce any odd noise. The main sound produced when testing the car and clutch for problems include chirping, squealing, screening sounds and clicking. All these sounds are in one way of the other related to bad clutch problems or maintenance.

Any problem noted with the various components of your vehicles should be noted. You are advised to take your vehicle for service for it to be checked. Clutch repair centers can also help you in diagnosing and fixing the various clutch problems.