Increasing traffic to your video blog

Advancement of technology has changed the mode of passing information. With a growing number of Smartphone and computer owners, many people prefer online content to that of the mainstream or traditional channels because of its effectiveness.  Online content is effective in that it is fast, cheap and involves real time analysis. You do not have to wait for a stated time to read or watch what is of urgency to you. Many people have ventured in posting content online on their specific websites to pass particular information. This is what is referred to as blogging.

Blogs are categorized according to the type of content they post or discuss though some may serve a general purpose. Online content can also be in the form of video or audio. The increasing number of websites that mostly deal with digital marketing and online sales has prompted many to opt for sales funnels and builderalls which drives more traffic to a site with its appealing tools that make websites more attractive and easy to maneuver. New builderalls emerge each time to provide benefits to developers. You may be advised to pay to create catchy websites but why fork out money when you can dominate YouTube and build massive targeted lists for free among other ways you can increase traffic to your website as explained below.


Sharing on social media platforms011

Sharing one’s content on social media platforms like facebook, twitter or Instagram can increase the number of viewers or subscribers to your YouTube channel. Those who are not able to reach the post can have access it easily when they click the link you post on your social media handles. Sharing your video blog on social media can also create awareness to those who have no clue about it.



Publishing new content frequently can raise your ranking levels among different search engine companies. The relevance of your blog among several audiences remains. It is not advisable to keep your audience waiting for a particular period so as to share what they have been longing. The chances are that many people may have forgotten or lost interest in your blog.  Consistency will increase the number of views or clicks to your videos.


Quality of content

012Before creating a website, learn and understand what most people relate to. Conduct some thorough research to avoid chances of misleading your audience. Use high-quality cameras and focus much on the lighting. The content inside your website can also determine the number of views it gets since most people prefer catchy and appealing responses from websites. The limited internet can also be a reason for most preferring responsive sites. Focus on how your site looks like and what content to include if you want more traffic to the website.