Hardwood Floors: What makes them so Popular?

One of the key aspects of design for interiors is flooring. Most visitors will first notice your flooring when they come to visit. In addition, floors form the foundation for the overall design of a space, because walls and ceilings complement them. In order to ensure long-lasting flooring, you need to pick a floor that will withstand heavy foot traffic. Here’s when hardwood flooring enters the picture. See flooring installation bothell to get more info.

Take a look at the many advantages of having hardwood floors in your house.

It is very easy to maintain

Those who have carpets complain of the difficulty in keeping them clean. The hardwood floor only needs to be thoroughly cleaned every year. There is no need to worry about allergens as a regular cleaning will eliminate them.


Hardwood floors offer an unparalleled aesthetic experience. When you want to sell the house, installing hardwood flooring can make it more attractive to visitors.

Acoustics are now improved

Hardwood floors reduce vibrations, hollow sounds in the rooms. It is crucial to have wooden flooring in your home if it has a stereo system or a theater. For this reason, many commercial spaces, music centers and similar facilities use wooden flooring.

The air we breathe is better than ever

To those concerned with the indoor air quality at home, this flooring is a necessity. Carpets are known to be a trap for allergens, pollens and dust. This can have a negative impact on the air. Hardwood flooring does not contain any fibers or grout lines, so pollens do not get stuck.


Rarely will your floor be affected with dents or scratches. For a scratched or dented floor, you may use spot-cleaning. In general, wood flooring can be expected to last for many years.

Simple repair

You can repair only very few flooring types without paying a large sum of money. By hiring a professional, you can either repair or finish your hardwood floor. It is possible to give your floors a similar finish by refinishing them. During this process, you can also alter the hardwood’s color.

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