General Information About Biscuit Joiners

Biscuit joiners are very useful in woodwork. They help woodworkers join pieces of wood professionally and with ease. Examples of top biscuit joiners in the market today include the Dewalt DW682K, Lamello Classic X, TruePower 01-0102, Matika PJ7000 and the Porter Cable 557 biscuit joiners. For the best biscuit joiner click the active link. Here is general information about biscuit joiners that will help you understand each of these models in depth.

Biscuit Joiners

Understanding how biscuit joiners work – the basics


Biscuit joiners are woodworking tools that are used to join two wood pieces together. They have a circular saw blade that makes an oval shaped hole in either of the two pieces of wood that are to be joined together. A wooden biscuit is then glued and placed in the hole, then the two pieces of wood are clamped together. This way, the two pieces of wood are joined together. Biscuit joiners have different performance levels. Some of the factors to consider when comparing the performance of biscuit joiners are discussed below.

The rating of the motor

The motor rating of a biscuit joiner determines the number of spins the motor can make in a minute. This further determines the hardness of the wood that the joiner can cut. For instance, a 7 Amp motor is powerful enough to spin up to about 10,000 rotations per minute. With this type of motor, the saw can cut wood of any hardness level. Perhaps that is why people like the Porter Cable 557 7 Amp, whose 7 Amp motor exceeds their expectations. The Dewalt DW682K model has a 6.5 Amp motor, and though it is still powerful enough to spin 10,000 times in a minute, its performance is a bit lower compared to that of the Porter Cable 557 model. The Matika PJ7000, Lamello Classic X and TruePower 01-0102 have smaller motor ratings.

Cutting settings

You always need to cut your wood in the way that you like. The amount of cutting settings provided by a certain biscuit joiner is, therefore, an important factor to consider. With a large number of cutting settings, you can cut wooden biscuits of various sizes and shapes. This way, you can complete your woodworking task in the best way for your needs.

Ease of use

etywyaghahWhenever you are looking for a woodworking tool, it is always important to consider how easily the tool can serve its purpose. You should not struggle to make biscuit joints with a certain biscuit joiner. A good biscuit joiner should have an adjustable fence with a wide field of play. It should also be easy to change blades. The weight of a biscuit jointer will also determine how easy it is to use. You may need to hold a biscuit joiner at awkward positions and angles as you make joints. A good biscuit joiner should, therefore, be light enough to use with ease.

In conclusion, there are several biscuit joiners in the market and each one of them is important in its own unique way. Your level of woodworking should guide you in choosing the right biscuit joiner. If you are a beginner, the TruePower 01-0102 model will be the best model for you. However, if you have practiced woodworking for some time, you will find the Dewalt DW682K 6.5 Amp and the Porter Cable 557 quite useful.