Effective Ways Of Maintaining Your Hair During Winter

Winter is the season which is characterized by cold winds, snowy nights, icy winds and colder days. There is, therefore, a dire need to double your hair care in winter. These conditions can make your hair to become brittle dull and dry. There are few guidelines which can help you in keeping your hair shiny and safe during this season. Even if people have different hair, these tips are applicable for all types of hair.

Avoiding washing your hair on a daily basis

Your hair should remain moisturised in winter. This means that you should avoid giving your hair any form of heat treatment. Again, the number of washing is done on your hair should be limited. You should wash it two times in a week or when it gets dirty.

Deep conditioning

This is considered to the best way of keeping the hair nourished. This is done by applying a deep hair conditioning treatment on a weekly basis. This is helpful in retaining moisture and keeping your hair healthy throughout.

Avoid using hot water

Your hair should be washed using cold or lukewarm water. Hot water should always be avoided. Hot water is known for making the hair dry and lustreless.

Keeping the hair covered

Your hair should be protected just like the other parts of the body. You should cover your hair by wearing a hat or a silk scarf while going out.

Buying a humidifier

Cold air can make your hair to become dry and frizzy. You should, therefore, invest in a humidifier. This gadget is helpful in keeping the hair glossy and out of dryness for a long period.

Applying serum

A hair cream or serum is used in maintaining moisture in the tresses.

Drinking a lot of water

Water has numerous health benefits in persons’ life. You should drink enough water during the dry season to keep your hair shiny. Insufficient water is the leading cause of a dry scalp, hair roughness, and dandruff. This means that you should drink plenty of water to make your hair hydrated. Water is also useful in keeping the skin alluring and young.


Hair trimming

You will find many people complaining about the split end and broken hair in winter. The splitting of hair can adversely affect the appearance of your health and the general health of the tresses if it is not treated, hair should be trimmed after every two months. This will lead to the growth of a long and healthy hair.