Choosing Survival Knife

Survival knives are a necessary item for a person who wants to go out there camping. They are used in navigation as well as well self-defensive. They are used to cut thick bushes for a person to make way in the forest. They can also be used as self-defense when wild animals attack one. This product is not a product that one buys each day. It is an item that is purchased once in a lifetime. For this reason, one might not have the much-needed knowledge on how to obtain the best one. This is a guide on how to choose survival knife.


folded knife

Consider the Size of the Knife

The size is the biggest physical property of the item. The size will dictate the portability and the price of the product. Usually, these knives come in the same size as the standard knife. However, there might be a different variation to suit the intended use of the product. For a product that is expected to carry out some tasks, the bigger types of knives are recommended. The big type of knife gives the user the ability to use the knife for various purposes. The small-sized knives are appropriate for self-defensive. They can are easy to use, and this put them in a better position to be used in times of emergencies. The handle of knife corresponds to the size of the knife.


The Material of the Blade

The blade does all the functions of the knife. It is the most important aspect of the knife. It should thus be made of durable metal. The ideal metal to use is steel. This metal is stiff. It can cut across tuff objects. Stainless steel cannot rust. One is thus saved from the hustle of oiling and greasing the product. Steel is, however, more expensive compared to other metals. The price will, however, be compensated by the service the knife will provide to you. Steel is known to have a lifespan of more than five years. Carbon is another material that can be used for the blade. It is most appropriate where the knife is put in a less demanding task. Where the knife is used for clearing of bushes and slaughtering of meat. It is easy to sharpen. One can sharpen it every time he is done with a knife. Maintaining this blade is challenging because it requires oiling and greasing to prevent the knife from rusting.



The Price of the Knife

The price of the knife can scare away a potential customer or attract potential customers. The price is dictated by the material of the knife and the size of the knife. A knife made of steel blade is more costly than those made of carbon. The handle of the knife also determines the price of the knife. Metallic handle translates to a more expensive knife. Wooden and plastic handles translate to a lower price. The seller of the knife should provide a warranty once the knife is bought. Don’t go for cheap products. They might not have a long lasting life.